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Standing in the sea of people. Featureless faces and their voices. Laughter, anger, sadness. Everyone with a companion. Surrounded by so many people; friends, family, strangers. Yet she feels so alone.
As they reach their destination, the person beside her once again leaves her side, bounding to another. So many people, but yet there she stands all alone in the end. Surrounded by friends, or maybe that’s all just wishful thinking, all chattering away, with smiles on their faces, but none of them to her.

Should I have been nicer? Was I too loud? Why am I this way? Thoughts swam in her head, erasing everything else around her. Only her and her thoughts. Some were like loudspeakers, blaring at her. Others were whispers, softly tickling her ears. But yet all of them seemed so loud, resounding in her ears even as she lay on her bed, awaiting darkness to overwhelm her.

Oh, I know her. She’s walking over. What should I do? Do I look in her eyes? Look away? How do I put my hands? How awkward they felt all of a sudden. As if they were never hers. She looks past the shoulders of the petite girl, as if she had not noticed her, but of course she had, they both knew. And they passed each other, merely shoulders brushing against shoulders in the narrow walkway. No hello or hi. Just the sleeve of her t-shirt brushing against her as they passed.

And once again cracks appear in the one of the many bottles of bonds lining the walls of her heart, in which almost all were chipped and broken, leaving only the shells of the broken bottles behind. They pricked at her heart, a constant reminder of her loneliness. But could you blame her? Afraid, nervous, confused. She merely chose to protect herself, her heart, a seemingly impregnable fortress. Little do they know that those deceiving thick walls were made of the thinnest of glass, shattering with just the slightest touch. But how could they have known, when they never stayed to try.
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